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About the Dallas Music Wiki

The Dallas Music Wiki aims to provide a comprehensive resource about the Dallas music scene, with information about Dallas bands, clubs, and concerts. The Dallas market has so many talented musicians coming together into great bands, it really is a shame that more people in Dallas don't make it out to concerts, buy CDs from their local artists, or even know about the great music happening in their city. Without people going to concerts and shows, the music venues start to struggle financially, giving the bands less places to play and gain exposure, reducing the incentive for bands to play in Dallas. It's this self-perpetuating cycle that the Dallas Music Wiki is trying to stop.

Eventually, the wiki will be opened up for community involvement, but for now you can send any comments to info @ digitaldarkness.com. Feel free to send us concerts to add to the calendar, band biography information to add to the band list, or noteworthy events or links to add to the News.

About Digital Darkness

Digital Darkness is a promotions group founded in 1997 to provide aid to local musicians and promote the local scene in any possible way. Through the years they have worked closely with a few bands to provide management support and promotional aid, developed several websites for music-related topics, and spent many nights out at concerts supporting Dallas musicians and the venues that allow them to play.

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